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Richard Baxter – Director

CEO of Olympic Wealth Management Group
and International Broker Consultants.

Richard Baxter

Richard is a self confessed workaholic who is dedicated to his business, its clients and their investments. His passion for finance was sparked back in Scotland in 1987 during his study of Economics and it developed further when he landed his first job at London and Capital, a highly respected investment brokerage firm based in the city.

After a successful career in London, Richard traveled to the Far East working for one of Asia’s largest investment firms as Fund Manager and was located in Singapore and Malaysia. His time spent there in the 1990’s gave rise to a belief that in the coming decades, the emerging markets would dominate world growth.

Later, Richard traded in his suits and metropolitan lifestyle when he decided to move to Barbados. He immediately established Olympic Wealth Fund  and more than a decade later, Richard continues to manage the investment needs of clients scattered across the globe and travels frequently to nurture those relationships. When he’s not in the office, he spends most of his free time with his family at the beach. Perhaps in a former life, Richard was a fish.