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Our funds

Investing in futures: yours!

At Olympic Wealth our aim is to provide our valued clients a range of high caliber, sustainable, profitable funds, designed with our industry partners, to achieve your goals.

Our first fund launched was Javelin Global Fund SP, a global equity fund designed for the more risk appreciative client that aims to provide capital appreciation over the medium to long term investment cycles.

Our other fund subsequently launched was Marathon Freedom Fund SP, a global equity fund that aims to provide our clients with capital growth but in a balanced manner.

Our third fund launching soon is Biathlon Horizon Fund SP, which is a global equity fund designed to provide clients with capital growth over the long term using a low risk, cautious investment strategy.

Our three funds all employ Warren Buffet’s ‘Focus Investing’ approach. This involves investing in equities from the perspective of buying into a business which is well run, has a distinct marketing edge and has a high probability of above average performance.