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Biathlon Horizon Fund

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As far back as the 18th Century, military ski patrols in Scandinavia were responsible for guarding country borders during winter months. This required travelling long distances on skis while carrying a rifle.

An Olympic athlete in the modern day Biathlon event must combine power and endurance, with the calm and precision of a marksman. The current Biathlon competition consists of a race in which competitors ski long distances cross-country and where the distance is broken up by several shooting rounds.

This athletic fortitude and sharp shooter accuracy resonates with our soon to be launched Biathlon Horizon Fund.

Biathlon has a global equity outlook, which is designed to provide clients with capital growth over the long term using a low risk cautious strategy similar to that employed by Warren Buffett. This involves investing in equities from the perspective of buying into a business which is well run, has a distinct marketing edge and has a high probability of above average performance.