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Marathon Freedom Fund

Investing, made better.



The Olympic Marathon event was instituted in commemoration of the fabled run in 490 BC by the Greek soldier Pheidippides, a messenger that was sent from the battle of Marathon to Athens, a distance of 150 miles away, to announce that the Persians had been defeated.

The long distance running event in modern Olympics is an event based on extreme endurance and perseverance with the goal of winning. This resonates with our Marathon Freedom Fund where the aim is to be consistently profitable for our clients over the long distance while having conviction in where and what we are investing in.

Marathon Freedom Fund SP is a global equity fund that aims to provide our clients with capital growth but in a balanced manner. Historically the Fund has had a focus on stocks in the US but has now shifted to global markets where we believe more opportunities exist with a broader mandate.

The Fund is different from other types of investments in the techniques we use, that has direct benefit for you, the investor.

The first major feature we employ is a ‘hurdle rate’ which means that your fund value must grow in excess of the ‘hurdle rates’, currently 3% and 5% annually, depending on the amounts you invest, before we are able to receive a performance fee. Any growth in excess of  the hurdle rate is then split 75% for clients and 25% to the Fund. We do not receive any performance fee until the hurdle rates have been exceeded.

The second major feature is that of a ‘high water mark’. As the fund price grows in value for you, the highest price achieved sets itself as the high water mark. If we have grown your funds in excess of the aforementioned ‘hurdle rates’ in any year, we may not receive any performance fee unless we have beaten the all time historical highest share price.