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Risk management

Our fundamental approach that we shall not waiver from.

The perception of risk management is fundamentally changing with today’s economic climate, as it has an important bearing on predicting revenues from transactions.

We view risk in terms of opportunity cost. Volatility provides us the opportunity to invest at an advantageous cost, and we have the fortitude to ride out any market movements.

This long term approach, irrespective of short-term market fluctuations, enables us to compound our growth over the long term.

A vital component of fund management is liquidity. Our team is always mindful that liquidity not only aides our capital in/outflows, but also helps us to take advantage of market fluctuations where and when they arise.

The management team constantly review daily market conditions and macroeconomic data, performing a weekly analysis of the Funds’ performance. This enables us to monitor our investments and focus on growing them above and beyond the ‘Hurdle rates’. ‘Hurdle rates’ refer to the rate of return that our Fund Manager must surpass before qualifying for any performance fee.

Capital preservation underpins every decision the team makes, providing you, our valued clients, with the confidence that we are protecting the value of your assets.