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Warren Buffett’s Focus Investing

Here at Olympic Wealth, together with our industry partners at Pathway Asset Management (, we have created a range of funds based on Warren Buffett’s ‘Focus Investing.’ Compared to the majority of other funds’ investors may come across, our aim is to give our clients’ consistent, long term gains.

Only after spending a significant amount of time and resources in researching companies and the markets, will we select stocks preferring quality over quantity.

Our philosophy is to hold a small portfolio of outstanding stocks or funds that we have extensively researched and fully understand, as opposed to owning a large number of average stocks in which we do not have a great deal of confidence.

How would you describe yourself as an investor? If you’re struggling to come up with the right words, we can help you determine your personal investing style – and how you can use that knowledge to make more informed investment decisions.

To enable you to make better investment choices that are appropriate for you and your appetite for risk, here’s an online quiz which may help you.